Who we are...

Talented. Creative. Enthusiastic. Fresh. Competitive.

Here at Vinamation our aim is to produce the highest quality of work. It is imperative to our success that your expectations are exceeded and that our work is regarded as world class.

Our people are the biggest assets we have. Our team highly motivated and enthusiastic about creating work that they can proud of. Each person possesses a unique flair which combined is what makes Vinamation a leader in Vietnam.

vinamation team
Kim Sang

Kim SangModeler/Texture
Tan Khanh

Tan KhanhModeler/Texture
Truong Huy

Truong HuyModeler/Texture
Phuong Tien

Phuong TienModeler/Texture
Tuong Chi

Tuong ChiModeler/Texture
Duc Duy

Duc DuyAnimator